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The fourth annual Charlotte FemmeFest will be held in the NoDa Arts District at N. Davidson Street and 36th Street on Saturday, May 21, 2011. Doors at 5:30pm, music from 6pm to 1am. FEMMEFEST TICKETS are onsale now ! Buy in-person at Evening Muse or Neighborhood Theatre, or buy online here!

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Featured Performing Artists include:

Jennifer Knapp - last year, the Grammy nominated, Dove Award-winning artist returned from a seven year hiatus with a new album, Letting Go ... <MORE>

Elizabeth and the Catapult
- "a vibrant mix of open-hearted wonder, whimsical humor and forthright emotional insight, merging classic pop melodicism with an array of acoustic textures, jazz twists and orchestral flourishes..." <MORE>

Reeve Coobs
creatively blends folk, pop, country, and rock into an original sound of her own. Her lyrics are smart and real, and her voice is rich and haunting... <MORE>

Donna Duncan
- the first lady of blues and soul in Charlotte, her smooth smokey sound has been compared to Bonnie Raitt and young Tina Turner... <MORE>

Natalie Royal
is a true artist. She captivates audiences with singing and songwriting skills that transcend her youth. She’s not content to be just another folk singer, and continues to explore new directions and growth with her music, playing violin and ukulele as well as guitar... <MORE>

Mieka Pauley
- Billboard Magazine compares her to “a young Sarah McLachlan”; The Boston Globe thinks she’s more “Aretha”...her roots are the blues, classic soul, R&B, gospel and folk and the result is a personal brand of pop music all her own... <MORE>

Rebecca Pronsky
continues to stake her claim as one of New York's finest singers and songwriters. She "shuffles through the dark territory where old-fashioned rock ’n’ roll, country, and folk come together" - Metro Pulse... <MORE>

Karla Davis
learned to read music in church as a child, but she plays guitar completely by ear. Her goal has been to put on solid performances in front of adoring and loyal fans any where in the world... <MORE>

is a music ensemble from New York and Montreal. HuDost ranges in style from 'Alternative World Music' to their own 'Country and Eastern' fusion, and atmospheric, experimental sound... <MORE>

Jill Dineen Band
- From California to Chicago to the Carolinas, Jill Dineen's powerful, soulful, hip-shaking, down-in-your-gut, hard-driving blues vocals have ignited audiences and crowded houses across the country... <MORE>

Shana Blake
"sings like her existence depends on it..." (Opie Chronicles). She's an award-winning vocalist and an accomplished songwriter who has performed with innumerable artists and is currently juggling roles in several bands... <MORE>

Melissa Reaves
has been delighting audiences throughout the U. S. and Europe for more than a decade with her rock, funk and rhythm & blues-based sound. Reaves' an incredible master of improv, deconstructs the blues, pushes jazz to the outer limits... <MORE>

Grown Up Avenger Stuff
features a sound loosely based on the standard garage power trio style with a sprinkle of punk, a touch of glam, a slice of metal, a bucket of energy, a tower of volume, and a female vocalist that has enough volume to lift above a drum kit without a microphone... <MORE>

Charlotte Parrott
is a 17-year-old musician and songwriter from Charlotte, North Carolina. She’s been writing and performing her own material for almost 3 years, and plans to continue to do so until she can no longer breathe... <MORE>

Chasing Pedestrians
is a seven piece rock group that combines piano/guitar leads with driving percussion, intricate bass lines and a funky horn section... <MORE>

brings captivating sounds and an authentic mixture of radio-friendly original songs fused with rock, pop, and funk... <MORE>



Previous Performers of Charlotte FemmeFest:

Adrianne ~ Amelia's Mechanics ~ Amissville ~ Amy Broome Band ~ Anaïs Mitchell ~ Ashley Chambliss ~ Bridgit Scheide ~ Carrie Marshall ~ Chelsea Lynn La Bate ~ Christabel & the Johns ~ Danielle Howle ~ Devon Sproule ~ Donna Duncan ~ Doria Roberts ~ Emily Lynch ~ Erika Blatnik ~ Eva Gael ~ Gigi Dover & the Big Love ~ Gretel ~ Hannah Miller ~ HuDost ~ Jennifer Daniels ~ Jill Andrews ~ Jill Dineen Band ~ Jocelyn Ellis & The Alpha Theory ~ Karla Davis ~ Kyler England ~ Laura Blackley ~ Lindsey Hinkle ~ Lindsey Horne ~ Lindy Dobbins & the Red Velvet Manx ~ Liz Durrett ~ Maddie Shuler ~ Marcie Hernandez ~ Mieka Pauley ~ Miss Tess & the Bon Ton Parade ~ Natalie Royal ~ Nicolette Emanuelle ~ Rachel VanSlyke ~ Reeve Coobs ~ Sara Jean Kelley ~ Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles ~ stephaniesid ~ Sy Arden ~ The Bittersweets ~ The Bowmans ~ The Lesser Pauls ~ The Lights, Fluorescent ~ The Mieka Canon ~ The Moaners ~ The Near Misses ~ Tin Cup Prophette ~ Underhill Rose ~ Valorie Miller ~ Volatile Baby ~ Wavy Space

Jennifer Daniels at FemmeFest '08
- photo by LunaZon

JULY 14, 2011 -
If you're a fan of Patty Griffin's amazing songwriting, you won't want to miss this night of local and regional talent paying tribute to her work!

Celebrating women in the arts, benefiting women in the community! Charlotte FemmeFest features national, regional and local female songwriters, visual artists, writers, musicians and performers.

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Each year Charlotte FemmeFest donates 100% of festival proceeds to a non-profit organization that helps women and children in our community.
Funds raised from the 2011 event will benefit
The Relatives Crisis Shelter

Much thanks for the continued support of
our friends in the community: